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Audley Geo Smith frequently called Mr. Photo Smith was born in Craighead, Manchester, Jamaica West Indies. Audley has been painting from the early age of six years old. In 1972 he decided to make a contribution to the business world, so he ventured into Graphic Arts at the Edna Manley School of Visual Arts. He has earned himself numerous gold, silver and bronze awards in various art competitions.


In 1997 Audley migrated to the United States where he became a member of The Alliance of Queens Artist. In his second year in the Alliance he became President of the group of 160 members.


His visit to Great Britain and France encouraged him to approach art from a different perspective. Fascinated with Georgian Style Architecture he captured them with his camera then later paint from the photographs.


He later became a member of Southeast Queens Camera Club. Working with the Pros, attending workshops, mastering adobe elements, competing and earning high scores in monthly competitions helped him develop into a creative and matured professional with a unique individual style.   


Audley likes to record events, emotions, places or persons. He has worked directly with Dreams Up magazine for editorials.


As a Freelancer he has done Fine Art Photography, Street Photography, Documentary Photography, Fashions, Weddings, Photo-journalism and Commercial Photography.


Audley’s philosophy is “To produce visually compelling images a photographer needs more than creativity. He must  have good eye-sight, imagination, good working knowledge of composition, lighting, camera and technical skill as well as a thorough understanding of the subject to accomplish success.”